Evaluation results of reorganization of scientific organizations in the Russian Federation

Anna Maltseva, Elena Klyushnikova, Igor Veselov, Tatyana Kuzmina, Angelina Petergova, Inna Rykova


The article provides an overview of the study results of the scientific organizations’s reorganization in the Russian Federation, that was made at the federal level, starting in 2013, and was associated with the mergering of a number of research institutes for various reasons. As a result of the study, it was found out that most of the new structures were formed by joining smaller organizations to larger research centers located in territorial proximity and performing work in close scientific fields. In some cases, mergering of scientific organizations was due to the need to ensure an interdisciplinary approach to research. As a result of the assessment of key performance indicators of scientific organizations before and after the reorganization, it was concluded that at present the positive trends are not fully visible, while in some cases there is an increase in key performance indicators. The authors concluded on the need for additional research, covering the assessment of the quality level of achieved results, as well as the dynamics of indicators within 3-5 years after the restructuring.

Palabras clave

scientific organization, reorganization, indicator, evaluation, performance, scientific field.

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