Freedom of speech in constitutional binds of eastern European countries

Valeriya V. Gelunenko, Marina V. Markhgeym, Azamat M. Shadzhe


This article discusses the constitutional enshrining versions of freedom of speech in Eastern European countries. Being reflected in all constitutions of this group of countries, freedom of speech received lexical interfacing with other freedoms or with ways of their realization. The systematization of constitutional articulation variants of freedom of speech allowed us to identify two fundamental approaches: securing freedom of speech and detailing it. In the considered constitutions, the formulation of “freedom of speech” is typical, which is complemented by freedom of expression of “opinion”, “conviction”, “one's own views”, “thought”, “thinking and thought”, and disseminating “ideas, opinions, beliefs, information”. It was revealed that in a number of constitutions, the freedom of speech is articulated through law, which creates the conditions for its excessive regulation. “Everyone” traditionally act as the constitutional addresses the freedom of speech.

Palabras clave

constitution, personal rights and freedoms, political rights and freedoms, freedom of speech, expression of opinions, expression of beliefs, expression of views, public expression of thought, right to access information, censorship.

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