Analysis of development trends in the innovation industry of the Russian Federation

Sergey V. Novikov, Daniela S. Veas Iniesta


The purpose of this study is to analyze the trends in the development of the innovation industry of the Russian Federation. For this, the following tasks were solved: the dynamics of the industrial production index as a whole, as well as the types of economic activity were analyzed; the dynamics of key indicators of innovation activity of industrial production organizations of the Russian Federation was analyzed; the effectiveness of investment in innovative activities of the Russian industrial sector was evaluated. For this purpose, the methods of logical constructions, system and situational analysis, generalization, analogies, comparisons, included observations were used. It has resulted into conclusion on the development tendency of the Russian Federation innovation industry, the directions for efficiency improvement of industry innovations development in the context of the economy modernization.

Palabras clave

costs of technological innovation, competitiveness, industrial sector, innovation activity, innovation industry, investment efficiency.

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