Genre-forming Signs of Advertisements Newspaper “Siberian Leaflet” XIX Century

Margarita S. VYHRYSTYUK, Sofya V. ONINA, Fedosia M. Lelkhova


The scientific article is devoted to the study of the genre-forming signs of advertisements of the newspaper “Siberian leaflet of the end of the XIX century.” In the process of studying the composition of newspaper informational announcements as an aggregate of the necessary constituent elements of an ad, we note that each of its details has a key role in determining the genre component of the ad text: indicating the date, time, place of event, addressee, description, description of the nature of the action. As a result of the linguistic analysis of advertising texts of the central Siberian newspaper, the specifics of Russian advertising at the turn of the centuries, its structure and main genre-forming signs were identified, thereby determining the place of Tobolsk advertising in the formation of the Russian literary language beyond the Urals.

Palabras clave

advertising texts, genre-forming signs, genre of informational announcements, regional historical stylistics.

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