The Works of Johannes Bobrowski: The Poetics of the Prose

Gulnara Tavkilevna Gilfanova, Alfiia Revanerovna Valeeva, Elena Alexandrovna Nikulina


The purpose of the study is to identify the features of the pioneering novelistic style, developed by Johannes Bobrowski for the depiction of complex and controversial historical problems, as well as the system of expressive principles and means (poetics), combining the traditions of the German Enlightenment novel, folklore, and modern experiments in prose. The writer’s original worldview and specifics of the artistic development of German history manifest themselves in the poetics of the analyzed novels “Levin’s Mill” (“Levins Mühle”) and “Lithuanian Pianos” (“Litauische Claviere”). It is unique and complex, rich with both traditional literary techniques and bold innovative elements. The author of the article concludes that through the pioneering novelistic style, characters’ images, their speech, and rich poetic worldview, Bobrowski depicted German history, projecting the life of the people on modern human existence. This allowed the German writer to leave a unique mark in the history of the 20th-century novel.


Palabras clave

Bobrowski’s prose, folk structure, poetics, character’s speech

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